Ministries & Organizations

Altar Servers

Confirmed parishioners who aid our priest on the altar at Masses and funerals.
Contact: Fr. Ben Dallas

Altar Society

Parishioners who assist with maintaining the altar and changing the altar for the different seasons of the church year.
Contact: Linda Turner

Bereavement Team

Our Bereavement Team greets parishioners and visitors at rosaries and funerals, assists with receptions, and provides refreshments to families following the loss of their loved ones.
Contact: Stephanie Houlding 


Adult parishioners who sing praise to the Lord during Mass and other services.  Meets every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.
Contact: Carroll Thebaud

Council of Catholic Women

Adult women who work to support, empower and educate Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service.  Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month.
Contact: Linda Turner and Elva McLemore

Eucharistic Ministers

Catholic lay persons that assist the priest with administering the sacraments of Holy Communion during Mass.
Contact: Kathy Oates 


Parishioners that stand at the doors of our Church and greet parishioners and visitors for our weekend Masses.

Contact: Julie Lisi

Homebound Ministers

Catholic lay persons that distribute Holy Communion to and provide fellowship for faithful parishioners who are unable to attend Mass due to prolonged health reasons. 

Contact: Stephanie Houlding


Parishioners that proclaim and read the Word of God at Mass.
Contact: Darlene Buchholz

Welcome Ministers

Parishioners who welcome all newcomers to the Parish by serving as a host at our monthly Welcome Sunday.
Contact: Stephanie Houlding


Formal preparation for adults who wish to become Catholic. Meet weekly from September to Easter.
Contact: Julie Hird


Parishioners who assist with seating at Masses and Communion procession.
Contact: Cindy Rowe