Stewardship "A Way of Life"


Dear Parishioner,
In scripture, St. Peter tells us to "practice hospitality un grudgingly to one
another." As a Stewardship Parish, we understand that welcoming others
should not be something we do with hesitation but wholeheartedly, as if we
were welcoming Christ Himself. This is why we are emphasizing hospitality
during our annual Stewardship Renewal this year as a pillar of our parish life.

Over the next year, I challenge you to be more hospitable to those within our
parish and the community at large. Take a moment to reflect on how others
have helped you feel welcome and at home here, and choose to extend that
same gesture oflove to someone else!

Our Stewardship Renewal is a time when we can reassess how well we
are living out our call to discipleship and to recommit ourselves to God
and to service of those around us. God has blessed each of us and when
we recognize all that we have as gifts, we can use them responsibly and
selflessly. This is why we choose to embrace Stewardship as a way oflife.
Each.of us must make the choice to recommit to being God's faithful steward,                                                                                                                                               and what better time to do this than here and now.

This year, will you choose to make God a priority in your life by taking time
to spend with Him daily in prayer? Will you actively participate in one of
our parish ministries and serve those around you? Will you choose to give a
percentage of your income regularly to God through the parish offertory and
be faithful to your commitment?

As your pastor, I ask you to make firm commitments to prayer, ministry,
and offertory giving - or what we call time, talent, and treasure. Please take
some time this week to sit down with your family and prayerfully fill out the
enclosed Commitment Card, rededicating yourself to our Lord.

I am very happy and grateful to be your pastor, and I thank you for your
dedication to Holy Family. May God bless you abundantly for your

With gratitude,

Fr. Dan O'Connell

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