Anointing of Sick:

Sacrament is for all who are seriously ill. It is not reserved only for those who are dying. We encourage all seriously ill parishioners to ask a priest to anoint them and to pray that hey are healed. Please call Father Dan O'Connell at 706-323-6908.


Preparation classes required for Baptism. Please call Julie Hird to schedule your class at  for 706-289-9322. Godparents are recommended to attend. Baptisms by appointment after classes taken. Call Fr. Dan O'Connell, 706-323-6908.


Young adult must have been baptized, made First Penance and First Communion. Young adult must have completed Grade 7 and two years of religious study immediately prior to preparation for Confirmation. Parent meeting is required. Each young adult must fulfill a community service requirement.


Sacrament of Eucharist is received in Grade 2. Child must be baptized and must have completed Grade 1 religious education. There is also a required parent meeting. Children receive First Holy Communion at the beginning of May.


Those preparing for Sacrament of Matrimony are required to contact the parish priest at least four months before desired date. Couple must attend marriage preparation classes. please Call Fr. Dan O'Connell, 706-323-6908 for more information.


Sacrament of Penance is received in Grade 2. Children must be baptized and have completed Grade 1 of religious education.Reception of Sacrament is usually in January or February